Code of Conduct

By entering the shop/playing here/purchasing here, you agree to abide by these simple rules for keeping the shop safe, pleasant, clean, and rad:


  1. No Buying/Selling/Trade: Retrograde is a store. We need to make sales to keep the lights on. We wish the world didn’t work that way, but it does. Keep it outside of the shop if you’re going to do it.

  2. Zero Tolerance for Bigotry: We cater to every kind of gamer. Except the hateful kind. If you say something offensive, unkind or untowards about someone different than you, you’re gone. We won’t be kind about it.

  3. Language: We prefer to keep the shop PG-13, as it pertains to customers entering the premises. We understand that people use bad words. We also use bad words. The rule is: Read the Room. If you make someone uncomfortable, we’ll ask you to cut it out. Probably in an embarrassing way for everyone involved. For private play areas, we ask you just keep it quieter. Sound resistant, they may be- soundproof? Not so much. Just be courteous.

  4. No Political, Religious or Current Event Discussion: The world is an absolute dumpster fire, and these topics are the kerosene that aggravates the flames that boil everyone’s blood. We get that this can come up. And it will. And we’ll definitely tap the sign if it does. Be civil. Be courteous. Be chill.

  5. Clean Up Your Messes: We won’t pander with a ‘your mother doesn’t work here, clean up after yourself’-type platitude. But you’re all adults. The shop is a public space for everyone. If you’re leaving garbage, you’re garbage. If you’re overfilling the receptacles, you’re being problematic. Don’t do it. Ask for help if you need it.

  6. No Disparaging the Store/Encouraging Exterior Sales: Swear on me mum- if you cost us a chance to pay the bills and feed the fam because ‘but brooo, you can totally get it on Amazon for twelve cents cheaper’ I will absolutely lose my whole-ass mind on you. Bezos doesn’t need another yacht. Shopping with us helps keep fun stuff to do in the community, and makes a billionaire a few pennies poorer. And it makes a huge difference to the small business you’re supporting.

  7. No Outside Food and Drink: We carry a selection of snacks, drinks, and totally want to carry the stuff you want. Hopefully at a reasonable price, to boot. We do occasionally have events where this policy will be rescinded- but generally try and purchase from in-house.

  8. We Do Not Have Outlets For Charging: Not for ‘we want your money’ reasons. Not for ‘we hate you and want you to have a bad time’ reasons. But for ‘if someone trips on it and shatters your phone, you’re going to be super sad’ reasons. Possibly even for ‘actual safety’ reasons. Charge your stuff at home or bring a battery backup- protect your stuff, our stuff, the shop’s stuff, Danny Devito’s stuff, and even other customers’ stuff.

  9. No Smoking/Vaping in the Store: Take it outside. Quit for your own health. And don’t smoke/vape in front of the other neighboring stores, either. It’s illegal in this county anyhow. We don’t want someone complaining that you’re doing it. We like our neighbors here.

  10. Unsporting Conduct: You lose at the game? Cool- congratulate the winner! Shake hands. Hug it out (with consent) and show appreciation for the game. Don’t toss dice, toss expletives or be crummy to others in the building. Don’t be an insufferable winner either. Treat each other with respect.

  11. No Touching/Being a Creep: Don’t just… touch people. Don’t hug ‘em, grab ‘em, massage ‘em. Anything weird. Consent is one thing. But don’t be a creep. Like at all.

  12. Hygiene: Wash ya ass. Seriously. Deodorize. Clean up. Gamers get a bad reputation for being icky-sticky-sweat-and-gross. Buck the stereotype. Be better than the expectation.

  13. Dumpster Fire Clause: Oh yeah. The catch-all rule. The one-rule-to-rule-them-all. If you’re doing ANYTHING that a staff member feels could cause an issue, or makes someone uncomfortable, or could just generally be bad for the business- you’re gone. No refunds. No second chances. No appeals process. Just be cool with everyone and this’ll never get invoked.