Repairs and Service

Retrograde Gaming and Collectibles is now accepting items for modifications, service, maintenance and repair. 

In order to facilitate the best possible service, as well as a healthy work/life balance for the technicians, there are some guidelines we have implemented for this service, and some general notes to go over.


  • Troubleshooting and Repair
  • Handheld and Console Modification
  • Console and Cartridge Cleaning
  • Battery Replacements

Keep in mind, this list is not exhaustive. If you have a specific service you're looking to employ, reach out- we can always research the feasibility with our tech.


1) There is a minimum turnaround time for two weeks for any check-in from the date it is in the technician's possession. There is simply too much demand, and too few techs, to accommodate this any faster in a way that is conducive to quality work. This time limit may exceed two weeks, and you should anticipate this accordingly. We do not offer any options to expedite this process.

2) Items will be picked up from the store and transported to a repair facility once per week, usually on a Wednesday or Thursday. If you drop your item off after that window, it will be part of the following week's lot. Example: If you drop your item off on Friday, 2/24/23, your item may not get to the technician until 3/2/23. The two-week turnaround starts on 3/2/23.

3) Upon check-in, you will go over the notes with the crew member at the shop, and they will fill out a repair form. Please bring any item that seems affected by the process. Example: If the issue seems to happen on a particular game, then please bring that game as well. If it happens with one particular controller, etc. We may hand this item back to you and not check it in, but it's a better-safe-than-sorry type of scenario.

4) For some work, we can offer an estimate on the cost in the store. This estimate is non-binding and is not guaranteed. When dealing with repairs, there is no guarantee that the issue discussed in the store is the actual issue at play. And we do not stock the parts for the repairs, as we're not affecting them on-site. The technician will contact you with pricing before they commence work. While the technician and the crew member are keen to keep your price as low as possible, there may be costs associated with the work that exceed the amount you're quoted. This may happen because the complexity of work exceeds a labor-time window, or because standard parts pricing has shifted on a day-to-day basis in the current shipping climate. Bear with us. We're not out to gouge you.

5) Any item left at the shop, for any reason, for more than fourteen (14) days, after completion of repair or service, will become the property of Retrograde Collectibles LLC. We are happy to make arrangements to complete the transaction beyond the fourteen days. But you need to contact us as prior to those fourteen days to arrange this. 

Transparency Disclosure: Too often people decide, after the services are complete, that they don't like the cost of the work. This is fine. But after fourteen (14) days, it's considered abandoned property, and will be assimilated into store stock as such, whether for parts, retail, store use, etc. This is not to be a dick, but we simply do not have the free space to store these things and the debt accrued from the work must be paid off. 

6) We are happy to process payment for the service via any method we offer in the store. However, if you are paying via Credit/Debit Card or PayPal, we charge a $5.00 processing fee on repair/service work.