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Nintendo DS - Transformers Autobots

Nintendo DS - Transformers Autobots

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Autobot, Welcome to Earth.

From the depths of space the Transformers have arrived on earth in search of the AllSpark. While the Autobots wish to protect this life force, and keep this power source out of the hands of the Decepticons. Play as Optimus Prime, Jazz, Bumblebee, Ironhide or create your own Autobot and go on missions within an open world setting. If you choose to build your own Transformer, you'll be able to acquire new equipment, bodies and transformations from objects around you with up to 37 possible cars, trucks and aircraft. Successful missions will increase your abilities.

Move through the environments in either vehicle or battle mode. Your vehicle mode allows you to go about your mission unobserved while your robot mode will attract Decepticons to attack you. Fight back at long range with lasers and machine guns or close in and use your melee attacks. The animation and graphic renderings are solid throughout. Many objects in the environment can me smashed or thrown at opponents.
Multi-player modes offer 4-player death match, keep-away or the unique score-attack mode which lets you log into a server and download a new challenge mission with your score being uploaded at the end of the day. The scores are combined and the side with the most points will control the AllSpark for that day. They're more than meets the eye.



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