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Old Skool

Old Skool | GameCube-to-Switch Controller Adapter

Old Skool | GameCube-to-Switch Controller Adapter

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What's that, Timmy? Little Steven down the road keeps serving you in Smash Bros and calling you a scrub?

Well, it's time to get good, little Timmy. Stop blaming the 'tiny joycons' or 'Steven's admirable skill level.'

That's not how you were raised. You aren't a quitter. You were raised on gumption, and cube-shaped console fighters starring mascots from Nintendo were your only source of nourishment in the gaming wastelands of 2001.

Are you hungry, Timmy? BECAUSE IT'S TIME TO EAT.

And it's time to teach Steven how a HYPEBEAST plays Smash Bros Ultimate.

Plug this meaty-mother in your Switch, plug in that misshapen mass of colorful buttons you call the 'greatest controller ever designed' and lay down an absolute hurt on Steven.
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