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Old Skool

Old Skool | Nintendo Switch Screen Protector | 2-Pack

Old Skool | Nintendo Switch Screen Protector | 2-Pack

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Are you the type to drop your handheld all the time?

It's okay. I know you are. I saw your cell phone. And your 3DS. And your- oh my god.

I know the pockets on your massive JNCO Jorts can carry a boat load of snacks, but you should not be putting your several hundred dollar Switch in there with your keys and your state quarter collection and your assortment of un-triggered mouse traps. Oh. You're going to do it anyway?


But at least put one of these screen protectors on there. It'll mitigate scratches and breaks. Yeesh. There's two if you manage to somehow screw it up. We're counting on you.

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