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Star Trek: The Next Generation - Core Rulebook [Pre-Owned]

Star Trek: The Next Generation - Core Rulebook [Pre-Owned]

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These Are the Voyages...

Star Trek: The Next Generation RPG lets you role play characters that you create yourself in the wonderful world of Starfleet, undertaking fantastic adventures and epic tales across space. Your "crew" of characters may serve aboard a Galaxy-class starship, much like the famous USS Enterprise-D of the television series. Don't let the similarities fool you, for your adventures will not be like any show you have watched before. You and your fellow players tell the tale as your actions influence the storyline and the Universe around you!

The hardbound Core Game Book is 312 pages and is beautifully laid-out with glossy, high-quality pages and plenty of full-color images from the show we all know so well. Inside are complete rules for playing characters from several different races and for several different shipboard positions. The Universe of Star Trek is explained, as well as how to play (and run) your very own role playing adventures. Complete statistics are included for aliens and technology as well as starships. The Star Trek: The Next Generation RPG Core Game Book includes everything you could need to being playing today!


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